Weak? Hungry? Desperate?


In 2 Kings 7 there is a remarkable story about God saving a city from famine. The city of Samaria was starving and God scared away an entire army away so quickly that this army left everything. God provided a feast right there for them! God chose four starving lepers to discover the camp, empty of enemy soldiers, full of food and treasure!

God uses our weaknesses…

Because they were lepers,and had a disease that made them outcasts, they were also the ones who seemed to have the least hope of being fed. They were outside the city gates, outcasts, and were ready to “go for broke.”

God uses our hunger…

The whole city was hungry. These guys, being lepers, probably had less then those who were starving in the city. They were probably really really hungry.

God uses our desperation…

The lepers were desperate. This is what led to them going to the enemy camp, where God would provide an amazing treasure.  It was in their desperation that God led them directly to the food and treasure.

… to lead us to the Good News …

If you think they had a feast, going from starving to more food than they could eat, we have an even greater one in Jesus. Our Savior gives food to the hungry, and it is the greatest food, it is Himself, for He is the Bread of Life. He has provided eternal life, forgiveness, righteousness, strength, joy, and much more for the hungry, the weak, and the desperate!

… and to share the Good News with others too!

There is strength for the weak, food for the hungry, and good news for the desperate, and it is in abundance all over the world!  Every church around the world, that is, God’s people, they gather together to feast, as these four lepers did. They get to feast upon the abundant riches of Jesus Christ given to them. But there is also many people starving in this world too!

As lepers in this world we must let the starving world know where there is true food and treasure.

Soli Deo Gloria.

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